About Sally Childs

About me? Really? You want to know about me?

In a nutshell, I came for the fishing and stayed for the, uh, fishing. But somewhere in there I had to find something to support my fishing habit. That something turned out to be my becoming a licensed real estate associate.

Being born and raised in Ohio and brought up through my high school years in South Florida, my heart has always been torn between the beach and the hills. I attended Mercer University in Macon, GA (Allman Brothers...ROCK AND ROLL) to begin earning my degree in mathematics and then spent a few years traveling the country.

The gypsy period ended with the introduction of children.

I chose the hills of northeast Tennessee to start raising my family. We lived in a log cabin with gravity-fed water, cooked on a wood cook stove and raised or grew all of our own food. That wonderful period of time did not last long enough.

I relocated to Moultrie, Georgia, where I taught high school math for 18 years (want to feel old? Have former students become customers).

I turned in my Pythagorean Theorem when I moved to Mexico Beach, about 28 years ago. It was an easy decision to make since so many weekends were spent driving back and forth to come down to the beach and fish! Way back then I volunteered to be the Weighmaster at the first Annual Kingfish Tournament and for 27 years have had the pleasure of holding that lofty title ever since.

And so as to not to slight the turtles, I've been a volunteer Turtle Patroller for the last 16 years.

I opened my own real estate office 18 years ago where I handle the sales side and my partner Bill (partner in both life and business) handles the long-term rental side. Even though we opened when the real estate market collapsed we have been very successful and usually lead the Mexico Beach area in sales and volume.

In my spare time (which there is not enough of) I still like to fish, but no longer have a boat so I have found another passion - ballroom dancing! I have competed in regional and national competitions and absolutely love it.

However, none of my interests or hobbies takes precedent over my job. I'll even answer the phone when Dancing with the Stars is on TV. I constantly monitor the MLS to see all the new properties that are being listed, the price reductions and prices of the properties that are selling so that I can better serve you as an experienced expert in all fields of real estate. I have compiled a great team of experts in all fields (home inspectors, insurance agents, loan reps, etc) to make your experience of buying or selling your home a good one.

Now that you know me, I invite you to grab a fistful of dollars and stop in to see me. I'll help you get the best deal here in "Mayberry on the water."